My name is Sarah James. And I’m here to create your superfans.

You’re focused on running your business. Creating dynamic experiences. Excelling at customer service. What you don’t have time for is endless hours spent:

  • Crafting an online presence that creates effective inbound marketing
  • Writing engaging newsletters that develops your brand voice
  • Ensuring your web content attracts your ideal customer
  • Creating email sequences that hook your clients from the get-go

You want to engage with your clients, and attract new ones. You want a website that works for you, establishing your brand and ensuring search engine goodness. You want content that entertains, informs and appeals to create super fans

Essentially – you don’t have enough hours to run your business AND create an effective digital presence.

That’s where I come in.

My name is Sarah James. I speak. I train. But mostly, I write.

Sarah’s attention to detail and being able to see the whole picture at the same time are what put’s her at the top of her game. – Brian, Encore Event Technologies

Copywriting services easily and effectively builds your business. Combining compelling storytelling, written in your unique voice, with the power of SEO. It’s just that simple. 

Whether your focus is weddings, large corporate events, or an event industry product – your professional business needs professional grade copywriting. On time. On budget. On brand. 

You don’t need fluffy words. You need content that speaks the language of your consumers. And consumers do just that – consume. Educational content. Inspiring stories. In the form of blog posts, emails, social media – people are inhaling digital content more than ever.

Either B2B or B2C, we’ll create your super fans. Together.

Sarah is a dedicated, experienced and creative professional. She brings passion and expertise to her work – Morris, Goen South Events