About Sarah James.

I sold Food and Beverage for 15 Years. Now, I write about it.

Who am I?

Sarah James, sales copywriter and content marketing specialist. I love helping companies maximize their written messaging for results. I specialize in writing blogs, emails, articles, web content and product descriptions.

Let’s say you want to create a dynamic welcome email sequencing for new email subscribers. I can do that.

Maybe you’re not getting the search engine results you want from your website after spending the big bucks on a web designer. We can fix that.

You got a hot new product that you want your ideal customer to be as excited about as you are? Let’s make it happen.

What am I about? 

Saving you time. Saving you money. Getting you those super fans we talked about. 

Creating exceptional copywriting that sells your business for you.

I write. A lot. I know how consumers and businesses emotionally react to the written word, and how to engage those consumers to increase your inbound leads.

My guarantee is never-boring, always fresh content your viewers will react to – connecting digitally with your company. 

How am I different?

Let’s be real. Professional copywriting takes time and effort. We are talking research-based, SEO optimized, attention grabbing content that does the job for you. You need an inbound marketing partner that delivers on time, on message content. That’s me.

What I do best is to use your company voice to create new customers and engage current ones. This happens via a multitude of digital content from blogs to emails to educational content to PPC advertising that all comes together in one big, beautiful loop of digital engagement. 

Don’t feel you have a company voice? We can work on that too. A quick consultation on your ideal consumer, a little company history, and you and I will quickly be able to zero in on how your digital footprint should sound.

And make it work.

Anything Else?

I live by coffee by day, wine by night. And mix in yoga to keep it all balanced.

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