Things I do.

Want to get an idea of what we can do together? Let me show you.

Website Content

Your website content needs to accomplish two things: 

  1. help your ideal customer find you
  2. convert that ideal customer into a buyer.

When your website content is optimized for SEO, your potential customers find you in their google and bing searches. Knowing how to identify the right keywords, placing them in the right locations, and understanding how to analyze their success will guarantee higher search results. 

Once they find – how do we hook them? 

Ensure your sounds like a must have, must visit, must buy business. 

We can do that. 

Blogs & Articles

Oh, the company blog. Many business owners hear they need a blog, build it into their website, write a handful of posts and…completely forget about it. 

Which makes sense – you have more important things to do with your time

Or – maybe you are keeping up with the blog. You enjoy sharing your business with the world and what is going on. But is your company blog working for you? Are the posts the correct length, SEO optimized with click ready headers that grab the reader? We can make that happen.

Here’s the kicker – 73% of all traffic for business services comes from organic search.

Let that sink in. 

Good content will do the work for you, increasing your brand’s awareness. Let’s inspire, entertain and educate your customers so they connect with your business and products.

I specialized in consistent, long form blog writing that ties your website search engine needs paired with shorter, engaging content that performs well tied into your social media platforms meaning you also spend less time creating social media content. 

I’ll ensure your blog content is completed on time, grammar-free and crafted to drive sales. 


Before we had social media, we had emails. 

And after all these years with social media and social media marketing looming large – why do companies still use emails to connect with consumers and clients? 

Because they work. 

The Data and Marketing Association found that for every $1 spent on email, businesses average $38 in return! In fact email outperforms social media by an average of $37 per spend.

Your email content works on building your superfans by delivering content they look forward to. 

From welcome emails to customers, B2B sales follow up emails, to product launches and specific offers – I’ll craft copy that will increase your sales. 

Web Audits 

A full website content and internet audit is an ideal starting point for new clients. This service includes a full website analysis to identify important keywords and includes a competitor comparison.

In addition to assisting with a website review, we check your listings from social media sites such as Facebook, Google and more to ensure you are listed in the right place WITH the correct and complete information regarding your business. 

This user experience audit is like event planning, ensuring every detail from arrival to departure creates a certain experience and a seamless flow.

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